dk. Brown • b. 2001 • 173cm • Stud fee 800,00 Euro

The typical winner

The in a large format standing stallion represented at his licensing in Neumünster 2004 already its excellent match of Race and gender type. Striking are his complacent Proportions, the good saddle position and its ideal croup formation. One of his basic gaits is the powerful gallopade emphasized.

When best stallion In 2006, Impetus completed his HLP in Schlieckau with a total index of 140.77 points (dressage: 123.35 / Jumping: 132.00).

The Quality of the parent strain deserves a special athletic Grading (Lars Gehrmann, October 2004).
grandmother Ilvica became elite mare because she was imposing with the S-horse, the Champion Mare Inette, with Jan de Vica and Igerne equal four in The classes M and S delivered successful jumpers. The third Mother interesting brought in addition to the jumping mare Isolana and the both dressage horses Ismael and Immensee (Uwe Sauer). absolute Sports tribe.

 In In his first tournament season 2008, Impetus won a total of 12 Starts 10x in Dressurpferdeprüfung the class A and L – was twice he places. The notes were up to 9. 

His Offspring bribe by nobility, beauty and size as well as much Frame, a powerful movement mechanics and a good one Balance.

 at the foal championship 2008 and 2009 on the Stöckerhof sat down one foal each by Impetus a. d. Mariza v. Heart Magic (Breeder: Ewald Friedel, Frankfurt) with the exact same rating of 59.5 Points as a brilliant winner foal against high-quality competition by.

In In 2009, a total of 9 Impetus offspring were presented in the Rhineland, of which 8 alone reach a rating of more than 55.5 points could. This is truly above average.

at the Elite Foal Auction 2009 on the occasion of the Trakehner national tournaments reached the impetus son „Ballantines“ a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. v. Michelangelo (breeder: Hagen Willems, Emmerich) with 17,500 € the second highest selling price.

Champion stallion the Danish Trakehner licensing on 18./19. February 2012 was the already exhibited at the stallion market in Neumünstter 3-year-old Stallion Ambassador v. Impetus – Michelangelo bred by Hagen Willems. 

Fam .: O451 Ilonka (Bongardt-Gr. Buchwald)

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